Career Change Coach

Change your Career

with Dina Michele


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage"

-Anais Nin

Are you feeling bored and restless? Is your job draining all the energy out of you, but you don’t know what else you could be doing? Do you feel stuck in a lackluster life?

Then work with me to find your passion and kick-start your new career adventure!


Personally, I don’t love the word “career”, as it implies a linear path of progression, generally within the same field. In today’s world, it feels outdated, regimented, like something external and detached from ourselves. As a result, we are conditioned to constantly strive for and live up to other people’s expectations of what an ideal CV or résumé looks like, as opposed to looking inward to see how we can develop to our fullest potential on our own terms.


Tired of conforming to someone else’s instruction of how their day-to-day lives should be structured, more and more people are finding joy by making space in their lives to seek awesome adventures instead. They are re-training as complementary therapists, working on farms, following artistic pursuits, starting businesses, innovating old non-profit models, etc. Personally, I have re-trained as a coach, as I can now see how all my past experiences intersect with my natural intuitive abilities at this point in my life, in order to guide others through the process of coming back to themselves and empowering them to live authentically.


What does your awesome adventure look like?

Do you have a secret longing for something more meaningful, where you can self-actualize while making your own contribution to your community or the world, but are afraid to make such a big change in your life? Or do you have that nagging feeling there is something better you can be doing, but are not entirely sure what that is or how to find it? Then I want to work with you!


Working with a coach can give you the courage to try something new. You can make a change of direction no matter what your age is and be successful at multiple life projects in one lifetime. I can help you create a clear vision for your next career project that will align with your core values and bring joy to your every day.


In doing so, you will also benefit from:


•Re-connecting to who you really are and what you want from life

•Feeling empowered to create positive changes, not just in your work, but in all areas of your life

•Reducing feelings of stress as making time for self-care is essential to supporting your new career project

•Having more energy and vitality to make your authentic life happen

•An overall feeling of wellbeing from doing more of what you love


When you start making choices by connecting with your own true desires, you start living in bliss, so have a look at my program to see how we can recreate your life together!

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