Hi! So glad you’re here. If you are reading this, then I have probably been in your place before. More than once.


I was born an empath. Highly sensitive and wanting to help others, but also really curious about the world and how other people lived in distant, faraway lands. In my experience as a young Puerto Rican girl in the 70’s, being empathic and a bit of a free spirit were not the most popular traits. The message I received was that I should, first of all, find a husband, have children but study to find a practical job until then to be sure I could always put food on the table for myself in the meantime or in case things didn’t work out…

Needless to say, when time came to choose a major at university I struggled, as the values that were imparted to me did not match what my priorities were for my future. Psychology, Philosophy or Literature were my top choices, but I let myself be convinced that I would never be able to make a living with these and went for the most practical major I could muster: International Relations.


Long story short, I managed to work very well in a variety of roles throughout my life: teacher, corporate researcher, consultant and recruiter. I learned a lot and met great people, but for the most part, felt unfulfilled. However, I never really knew I could do something about this feeling as I thought it was normal to feel this way. Work is just work, you do it to earn a pay check and that’s how life is. I believed that in order to make a living, we all needed to conform.


I never truly gave up though and read everything I could on finding your purpose and career change, but just reading about it and talking with other people who were feeling the same as me did not help me see what I could do, as it was all very superficial and not specific to my situation.


One day, a friend introduced me to Reiki, an energy healing modality. I did the course as part of my lifelong interest in personal development (my library could challenge Louise Hay’s) and it changed my life. As I got accustomed to feelings of wellbeing through Reiki, I found myself re-connecting to my true self and started opening up to new possibilities in all aspects of my life. This led to training and working as a Reiki Master, quitting my job as an in-house recruiter and eventually to wellbeing coaching, in order to support my clients when they opened up to new possibilities as well.

I now get to work with people who want to create their own unique career path or start a bold new venture. I am passionate about helping clients find their way to living life authentically and working in their zone of genius.


Other random facts about me:

•My passion for other cultures also guided me to a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and further work in this field is one of my future life projects

•My current dream travel destinations are Iceland, Japan and Central Asia, though I somehow find an excuse to visit Paris EVERY year

•I do have a husband :-) a beautiful son and the friendliest Miniature Schnauzer ever, named Ollie.

•I spend time in nature every day, though admittedly less in Winter, and love, love, love dancing, yoga and a bit of wine with good food

•I truly believe women have the power to change the world for the better within them




"Live out of your imagination instead of out of your memory."

-Les Brown

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