"I used to work at a top London university managing a busy Institute in Arts & Humanities. I had been given Reiki by Dina the year before and at the that time it had helped me a lot, so I decided to try a coaching session with her. I did not know much about what coaching would imply but in that one session, I came out with a couple of actions that stayed with me for a very long time.

I then decided to take more sessions with Dina as at that time I decided I wanted to leave my job. I had been feeling unhappy for some time, drained of energy and no longer enjoying what I was doing. I had been there right from the birth of the Institute, it was my ‘baby’ and I had poured a lot of myself and energy in it. However, my energy was dwindling and I wanted to be able to use it in something I truly loved doing. Earlier that year, I had trained as a Reiki Practitioner at Level II, as a Nia Technique teacher and I also had started creating loads and loads of art work. My creativity was exploding and I wanted to be able to have more time to explore it and express it.

Deciding to quit such a job was a big, big deal. I was filled with fear and indecision. Having the coaching sessions with Dina, I worked on concrete ideas of what steps I needed to make for moving forward with this decision. I put together a plan of how I could carry on financially doing the things I love. I felt empowered, encouraged and held by Dina during the sessions and it made an impact in my life.

A month after the last session, I presented my resignation letter at work. I also realised that an important part of starting my own business was the need to take care of myself and rest. So, I am now spending 8 months in Thailand where I hope to have time to rest and recover, as well as slowly set up my business and put in action all the ideas I have for it.

I would highly recommend working with Dina, she is sensitive, caring, intuitive and super supportive. I found her coaching style to be empowering and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her."



"I came to Dina in order to find out what I wanted to do next as a career. I felt quite stuck where I was, not pursuing a true purpose, I had several interests but I did not know where to start from.

Dina guided me so I could start, connect with myself, take a step forward, and explore my interests. Our sessions were very open, structured with great guidance. There was enough time to reflect and discuss. My feelings and thoughts were challenged in a very caring and professional way.

I have been able to eliminate some options that I was convinced were for me. Once you start exploring, you are able to close doors and look at more options/alternatives. I attended courses and/or workshops, connected with more people. We did not only focus on my career, but looked at other areas of my life.

Dina has helped me to focus, take actions and discover again. I understand the structure and feel more confident moving forwards.

Thank you Dina, Looking forward to working with you again."





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